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Todd And Ali (our next door neighbours) Viscount renovation

Todd and Ali were literally right by our side (our old next door neighbours) while we went from full time jobs and renovating caravans on weekends to transitioning into a full time business. They watched as we bought van after van, renovating then selling them (very cheaply lol) to deserving families. Eventually they caught the caravan bug and went and bought this cool little Viscount Ambassador at a very good price. They started prepping and working on it a day here and there but work and life got in the way so they brought over some beers one afternoon and asked us if we would help.

Of course we love to help everyone when we can so we gave them a full makeover on a tight budget and this is the result. They love their little van and get plenty of use out of her so it was our pleasure.

This is the day we dropped her off so Ali still had to fill her full of her personal touches to really make her pop!